We create bespoke metal veneers for interior and exterior applications.

We do this by using a revolutionary technology discovered by Paul Swan Topen. This technology enables us to bond actual liquefied semi-precious metals such as zinc, copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel and iron to any surface of any shape. Substrates that can be bonded with this liquid metal include, but are not limited to, MDF, timber, plaster, ceramics, fiberglass, concrete, acrylic, glass and steel.

We use this liquid metal technology to create bespoke wall panelling, furniture and lighting with provocatively exquisite real metal finishes that feel and behave like solid metal, with none of the restrictions.

Our liquid metal applications enable our clients to combine cutting edge technology with old world craft and tradition. All boundaries are lifted. We can create anything! We can sculpt it, or carve it, we can mix it with other metals, we can etch onto it, texturize it, age it, rust it and apply verdigris to it.

The best way to understand our work is to view our surfaces on this website or better still visit our studio as we have many samples on show.

Please call us to discuss a project, fix an appointment or order samples.

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